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St. Pete Shuffle Scavenger Hunt, 2020


Have some fun around the club and St. Pete looking for special details you may have never noticed before! Three search categories are available: at the club, our neighbors, and around town

Happy Hunting! 


Search Category: Around the Club

  1. You’ll find these three numbers in the “dead zone” of a placard. These numbers are also very useful when giving driving directions.
    Answer Hint: Numbers

  2. Speaking of placards, we have many. One, in particular, will tell you the exact date we were organized.
    Answer Hint: Date

  3. Most members may know we are the “World’s Largest” shuffleboard club, but shufflin’ is not the only thing we offer (says this sign).
    Answer Hint: Activities 

  4. You’ll find “comfort” here. Surrounded by St. Pete’s historical hexagon bricks. One brick just may tell you how old it is.
    Answer Hint: Year

  5. After your shot, you may need to take a rest. Your seat is a gift from these fine sponsors.
    Answer Hint: Four sponsor organizations

  6. What number court is located in the most northwest corner of the club?
    Answer Hint: Court Number 

  7. Take a look through the clubhouse windows and you’ll see many of our accomplishments in trophy form. One trophy is available for an up-close look. What year is it from?
    Answer Hint: Year

  8. No Trespassing at the courts! City Code ordinance enforcement.
    Answer Hint: Code Number

  9. We are an old place. Building and rebuilding as we go. Our 20s numbered courts were built in what year, by who, from what city?
    Answer Hint: Year, Business, City

  10. Want to keep score on T-5? You can, thanks to them.
    Answer Hint: Sponsor Business

  11. The point of the roof on the east side of the cue house has a special feature for ventilation. What shapes do you see?
    Answer Hint: Shapes (creative answers allowed)

  12. Keep your eyes peeled and you may get a glimpse of Disky McBiscuitholder in the window of this room.
    Answer Hint: Room name

    Search Category: Our Neighbors

  13.  We share the Mirror Lake Complex with great neighbors, especially these folks. You may reach them on the phone too. 
    Answer Hint: Phone Number

  14. This club has been on a roll for some time. Since this year to be exact.
    Answer Hint: Club name and year presented

  15. Our club has one President, but this club has many kings and queens.
    Answer Hint: Club name and year established 

  16. Need a tune-up? This club is happy to help. Their name is painted above their door in these hues.
    Answer Hint: Name of club and colors of paint.

  17. As evening draws near, you can see their name in lights.
    Answer Hint: Venue

  18. The skyline seen from the club is evolving. This stately place is still visible though.
    Answer Hint: Venue

  19. Looking for a good read? This neighbor can help. A sentinel in-front gestures toward shuffling.
    Answer Hint: Name of place and compass point direction the sentinel points.

  20. A shady spot for a picnic or ceremony resides near this multi-service office.
    Answer Hint: Object in the spot (be specific). Full name of the office/center. 

  21. Once students roamed the halls here. Today, don’t park there. You will be towed!
    Answer Hint: Historical place name and current venue name

  22. It was once the sole freshwater supply for the city of St. Petersburg.  It was established as a city park on this day.
    Answer Hint: Name of place and date

    Search Category: Around Town

  23. There are many places to sit in St. Pete that are green, but this special seat is red. As you sit, take a look at the building to your left. The club is proud Sunshine City property and we participate in the meetings held here every month.
    Answer Hint: Name of place

  24. Our city is the Shuffleboard capital of the world. If you follow this Kingly Street south, all the way to where it ends (don’t drive into Tampa Bay), you may see a familiar sight.
    Answer Hint: Name of the two intersecting roads at the southernmost point

  25. Ancient St. Petersburg natives held a court of their own. This is a tall place in the middle of a neighborhood where the streets are pink. Climb to the top and enjoy the view. You may be surprised at what you find.
    Answer Hint: Historical Landmark (has a few names, any are acceptable)

  26. There are other shuffleboard clubs to the north, south, and east. But this one is to the West, and if they went any further west, you’d get pretty wet playing.
    Answer Hint: Name of the Club

  27. When are public shuffleboard courts NOT available at the club listed in clue 26?
    Answer Hint: Days and time

  28.  Grab a brew, some BBQ, and a tang. You may have just won a night on us at this grand central district eatery. 


  1. 559
  2. Jan. 24, 1924
  3. Dancing, bingo, bridge
  4. 1926
  5. Mesh Architecture, Mesh Foundation, Pinellas Point and SPDNA
  6. #1
  7. 1984
  8. 21-40
  9. 1964, RK Nidy, Winter Park, Fl
  10. Cycle Brewing
  11. Triangles, square, circle
  12. Office
  13. 7275521896
  14. Lawn Bowling, 1933
  15. Chess Club, 1931
  16. St.Pete Bike Co-Op, Green and yellow
  17. Coliseum
  18. Pennsylvania Hotel/ Courtyard Marriot
  19. Mirror Lake Library, North
  20. Banyan tree, Sunshine Senior Center, multi-service senior center office on aging.
  21. St. Pete High School, Mirror Lake Condos
  22. Mirror Lake, March 13, 1912
  23. City Hall
  24. Serpentine Dr & MLK
  25. Calusa Indian Mound, Tocobaga
  26. Pass-a-Grille Shuffleboard Club
  27. Tue, Thur, Sat, 10am
  28. Urban Brew and BBQ

Thanks to everyone who has supported the club during this trying time. 

If you would like to support the club's presentation of these events, you may make a donation to the Love Jug, HERE.

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